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"Catherine is very kind and understanding. She has helped our service users and is compassionate in regards to their mental health diagnosis, and will be flexible to ensure she is supporting them to her best ability."

Jayne (Willow Garth Hornsea) July 2023

"Catherine makes me feel safe and


with her calm presence.

She has helped build

up my confidence and helped me

become more self-aware."


"I started seeing Catherine for counselling at the start of 2022, she was really helpful and understanding of my feelings. She made me feel validated and I never felt judged. I became at a point I no longer needed counselling by the end of 2022, however have since returned for some extra sessions for support."

                                J.  July 2023

Thank you Catherine for helping me work through my grief of the loss of my mother, you put me at ease and are professional in what you do. I also love that you bring in new techniques and tools to help make the talking a little easier when I have felt lost for words. 

           Gillian August 2023

"I have seen Catherine since January,  I have found Catherine to be friendly and easy to talk to. She has helped me work through my issues and concerns without feeling like I cannot be myself. Would recommend Catherine to anyone wanting to start counselling."

Rebecca July 2023

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