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The Simple Life

Catherine Teale (6th August 2023)

Things don't always have to be fancy, expensive, luxury and lavish. Cherish the small things in life that make you happy.

Simplicity can relieve you of anxiety, stress and clutter. Quite recently I have developed a need to de-clutter, to get rid of the things I don't use or need. It's given me a sense of purity, freedom and space to concentrate and think clearer on the things I want in my life.

Having less things and buying less stuff means more money to spend on experiences to make memories and on the things that really matter like security for my family.

I know sometimes it's not always easy to have the simple life and the space to think, especially with busy family life, work and house chores. But it is important to start somewhere, maybe just going for a simple walk, a trip to the gym, doing some drawing, swimming or camping.

You could also start by creating a space in your bedroom/living room that is free from clutter, going through items which have no sentimental value or use.

If you do decide to give it a go, then remember to embrace the feelings that emerge, (hopefully these will be feelings of lightness and satisfaction). Take your time and allow yourself time to be free and live a simpler life.

Would love to hear from you, comment below any tips and ideas of what you do to live a simple life.

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